Our RE Vision

Our curriculum and approach to teaching and learning at Brindley in Religious Education enables pupils to enter into a rich discourse about the religious and non-religious traditions that have shaped Great Britain and the world. Our intention is that pupils will be encouraged to take their place within a diverse, multi-religious and multi-secular society. At its best, it is intellectually challenging and personally enriching. It affords pupils both the opportunity to see the religion and non-religion in the world, and the opportunity to make sense of their own place in that world. At Brindley, our Religious Education curriculum is designed to enable the children to gain substantive knowledge about religious and non-religious traditions, to think in critical and scholarly ways, and to build upon their own personal knowledge. Our curriculum is enriched through educational trips to places of worship, analysing scared texts and artefacts, and listening to and asking questions of religious and non-religious members of the community. 

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