Design & Technology

Design and Technology

At Brindley Heath, our Design and Technology curriculum has been crafted to provide pupils with the opportunity to understand and adapt to various skills and processes needed to investigate, design, create and evaluate their work. It’s a way for children to collaborate and address problems in a real world context.

We believe that the Design and Technology curriculum allows the children to express human creativity with increasing confidence and independence. With instilling key skills from the start of early KS2, children are enabled to become keen problem solvers, as they identify the needs and demands of the ever changing world around them. Combining practical skills with the knowledge of local and national issues, the curriculum is designed to give children at Brindley Heath the resources to make a personal mark on their world. At the end of each outcome, we want children to feel excited and proud of the process they have taken part in and apply those skills in later life, building their values of pride and aspiration.

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